Interactive diagram documents and widgets in JupyterLab, powered by drawio.

Get Started#

Install ipydrawio (and optionally ipydrawio-export) with pip, mamba, or conda:

pip install ipydrawio[all]


mamba install -c conda-forge ipydrawio  # ipydrawio-export


conda install -c conda-forge ipydrawio  # ipydrawio-export

Start JupyterLab and start making diagrams!

Try it Now#


The in-browser demo has some pointy edges

  • jupyterlite is beta software, and evolving quickly
  • Don't use the demo site for important work

Click the Try IPyDrawio Now button to launch a new browser tab running IPyDrawio in JupyterLite. It contains all of the example Diagrams from this documentation site, and some notebooks that show what’s posssible.


What is IPyDrawio?

More Screenshots and Examples#

these are editable SVG files made with IPyDrawio, and can be found in the demo.

What can you draw with IPyDrawio#

What can you draw with IPyDrawio?

Learn More#