a visual roadmap for ipydrawio

Easy to Install#

Users should find it familiar to install ipydrawio and ipydrawio-export

  • the out-of-band puppeteer provisioning step should be more reliable

    • make a separate conda-forge package of puppeteer/drawio-export upstream?

  • the download and hosting of the drawio assets should be as efficient as possible

Easy to Start#

Users should find it easy to start using ipydrawio


  • Create jupyterlab-tours for ipydrawio and ipydrawio-export

  • Recommend installing jupyterlab-tour in documentation

Jupyter Shapes#

  • create an installable library of Jupyter-related shapes

    • JupyterLab UI components

    • JupyterHub UI components

    • Jupyter workflows

    • Jupyter architecture icons

    • Jupyter color schemes

Easy to Compute#

Users should be able to use diagrams as part of an interactive, literate, computational process.


  • create lightweight, editable models of live graph items

  • better encapsulate libraries as widget models

  • enable interaction rules for creating games and simulations



  • offer an optional nbconvert exporter

    • initial work in notebooks/Notebook to Diagram.ipynb

Rich media display for live kernels#

  • enable live updating of drawio shapes from running notebook documents

Easy to Collaborate#

Users should find it easy to work with diagrams as part of a team.

jupyter-videochat integration#

jupyterlab-deck integration#

  • integrate with jupyterlab-deck offering layer and page navigation, as well as Explore

Editable PDF#

  • enabled Editable PDF