Diagram Document#

Using a .dio file directly in the Diagram Document is much simpler than the Diagram Widget or Diagram Rich Display.

You can download these from diagrams.net, or one of their many integrations. You might also be able to use these documents in documentation.

Making a Diagram Document#

From the JupyterLab Launcher:

  • click Diagram

  • or Custom Diagram…

    • and choose your Theme, Format and Template

Opening a Diagram Document#

  • Find a Diagram file in the JupyterLab File Browser Ctrl+Shift+F

  • Double click it or drag-and-drop it to the main work area

Other Formats#

Editable drawio XML can be embedded inside .png and .svg images and .ipynb notebooks. If they have a compound suffix, like .dio.png, .dio.ipynb, the Diagram Editor will be opened by default.

  • right click on the file in the File Browser

  • select Open With…

  • select one of the Diagram options


In the JupyterLab Advanced Settings Panel Ctrl+,, the Diagrams Documents section offers many, many options. See the schema documentation for the most well-understood of options.